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Why We're Here

We have united our time and efforts in works of compassion for God's children in Africa. Many of us traveled to Kenya in 2005 for the purpose of contributing our time and energy to mission work. We went to "come and see how God is working among my people" with an invitation from Florence Mubichi, who was a graduate student in Naperville, Illinois from Meru, Kenya. We worked to aid those in need and build relationships with Kenyan friends. Not only did we witness the depths of human suffering, but also, the commitment, hope and faith of community leaders working tirelessly to relieve suffering in their own communities.

Seeds of Grace is a direct result of our desire to partner with these community leaders to help them further their reach of compassion, assistance and love for AIDS orphans and families in Kenya. We give our time, energy, knowledge, financial and technological resources to accomplish our objectives.

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